Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Murals - Residential

Jungle Room Huge basement room set up for entertaining. LOTS of personal touches and requests.
Green Focal Wall - Lazure (health/restorative technique) with Italian columns & arches tied into existing architecture, their pets from photos.
Lake Condo 6’x10 trompe l’oeil style “window: to match surrounding architecture with their view of Lake, their boat slip, boat, (mermaid resembling wife!) etc. Textured (sand paint) “stone” look along wall below pass-through counter, fleck stone counter & columns extended onto wall beside it. All walls in Living Room, Kitchen, and Hallway painted (including some faux finish and accents.) Bathroom walls behind sunken tub painted in a Tuscan Faux Finish, with a Greek-style statue resembling female Italian owner!
Builder’s Bathroom All walls painted to look like marble! Gold & Silver
Twin Tuscan Niches Tuscan scene in two window niches to look like their view of Lake with vineyards, patio, their Adirondack chairs, etc.!
Focal Wall in Living Room – Their house and land (from photos) with a church and bridge over a stream, and a colorful setting sun with lots of trees fading into the sky (Bob Ross-style)
Burgunday Kitchen Faux Finish on every wall
Floral Ceiling A huge oval ring around ceiling fan matching the flowers and foliage on the custom tapestry on the huge curtains and furniture in that “Florida Room”
Marble Columns & Niches painted and high-gloss sealed to look just like marble in colors to match the room!
Kid’s Room Ceiling Sky & clouds, with his favorite Disney characters sitting on the wall’s “ledge” and peeking over the side! Very cool.
Focal Wall opposite front door. Trompe l’oeil “walk out” mural “opening” out to their backyard “on the Lake.” Stone railing with trellis & path. Lots of her favorite flowers, their horses, and one of their custom-built docks from a photo (since they work out of their home.) Camouflaged the pantry door-even fooled the owners!!
Subtle Trees Glazed lightly onto a beautiful green fauxed wall to be felt-not obvious. Very peaceful.

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