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Studio / Gallery, Community Projects, & In The News...

Studio / Gallery
• Original artwork & prints from a variety of artists
• Interactive Art – Julia & I painting with easels facing window for “window shoppers” & when weather is nice, and sometimes out in the patio (“on the square”).
• Art (& Crafts) Classes - Lisa was a Fine Arts teacher for 7 years for ages K-3 through 12th Grade, and has always given private Lessons for ALL ages

Local Community Projects
• Donated most of the murals at the Bedford Chamber of Commerce & the Ronald Mc Donald House in Roanoke, VA
• Chili Festival – Donated Logo Design for Collector T-Shirts 3 years in a row - Face painting & Balloon shapes (Sponsored by Fallon’s Restaurant & Joe’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant) • SML Wine Festival - Gave away original acrylic paintings on canvas that we painted at our booth "on the square" style throught the day.
• Donated Christmas window paintings for Bedford, VA Main Street vacant buildings to beautify downtown.
• Regularly produced artwork & photography of the D-Day Memorial images and events and mad ethem available for sale at the D-Day Memorial Gift Shop.
• Bedford Blast – (Twice) Coordinated children’s artwork on 4’x8’ wooden panels now hanging at the Bedford, VA YMCA
• Lots of Churches – Donate Signs & Seasonal window painting & Murals using their members of all ages!

In The News…
• 12-05 Bedford Bulletin (Bedford Chamber)
• 04-06 Bedford Bulletin’s Lake Section (Feature Story)
• 06-06 Smith Mountain Eagle (Front Page Family Section)
• 09-06 FranklinCountyFun.com Online Magazine (Booth at Wine Festival)
• 10-06 Roanoke Times Neighbor’s Section (Front Page & Center Spread)
• Spring-08 Coming Home Magazine (Feature Article & the majority of advertisers that included our artwork!)
• Fall-08 Smith Mountain Eagle (Article: “Artist Leaves Trail of Murals at the Lake”)
• 02-09 Valley Business Front (“For the Up and Coming and the Already Arrived”!) Pages 60-61 - article with photos http://www.vbfront.com/VBFront_Feb09/index.html

Murals - Residential

Jungle Room Huge basement room set up for entertaining. LOTS of personal touches and requests.
Green Focal Wall - Lazure (health/restorative technique) with Italian columns & arches tied into existing architecture, their pets from photos.
Lake Condo 6’x10 trompe l’oeil style “window: to match surrounding architecture with their view of Lake, their boat slip, boat, (mermaid resembling wife!) etc. Textured (sand paint) “stone” look along wall below pass-through counter, fleck stone counter & columns extended onto wall beside it. All walls in Living Room, Kitchen, and Hallway painted (including some faux finish and accents.) Bathroom walls behind sunken tub painted in a Tuscan Faux Finish, with a Greek-style statue resembling female Italian owner!
Builder’s Bathroom All walls painted to look like marble! Gold & Silver
Twin Tuscan Niches Tuscan scene in two window niches to look like their view of Lake with vineyards, patio, their Adirondack chairs, etc.!
Focal Wall in Living Room – Their house and land (from photos) with a church and bridge over a stream, and a colorful setting sun with lots of trees fading into the sky (Bob Ross-style)
Burgunday Kitchen Faux Finish on every wall
Floral Ceiling A huge oval ring around ceiling fan matching the flowers and foliage on the custom tapestry on the huge curtains and furniture in that “Florida Room”
Marble Columns & Niches painted and high-gloss sealed to look just like marble in colors to match the room!
Kid’s Room Ceiling Sky & clouds, with his favorite Disney characters sitting on the wall’s “ledge” and peeking over the side! Very cool.
Focal Wall opposite front door. Trompe l’oeil “walk out” mural “opening” out to their backyard “on the Lake.” Stone railing with trellis & path. Lots of her favorite flowers, their horses, and one of their custom-built docks from a photo (since they work out of their home.) Camouflaged the pantry door-even fooled the owners!!
Subtle Trees Glazed lightly onto a beautiful green fauxed wall to be felt-not obvious. Very peaceful.

Murals - Commercial

Mc Donald’s Playplaces Several indoor playplaces from a huge focal wall to every wall! Cartoon scenes depicting McD characters and products. Some interacting with existing architecture/equipment.
Mc Donald’s Restaurants Several remodel jobs including Faux Finish, Faux “Tile jobs” (Marble & Southwest stone pieces to match actual surfaces. Often functional – where there was no other solution for the need.
Gethsemane Baptist Church 8’x10’ Baptistery Mural of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane beside a stream with Palm Trees
Dairy Queen – 2’x 100’ SML landscape, Clouds are in the shapes of products (doubles as advertising!)
ShopRite – 15’ x 30’ Landscape (from the Peaks of Otter to the SML Dam) with major points of interest. Julia painted all Lake activity on left panel. Department Signs in trompe l’oeil style with products depicted.
ShopRite Pharmacy – 15’ x 20’ One day! Looks like outbuilding, advertises Drive-Thru & Delivery
Fallon’s – 10’ x 15’ Exterior Mural touched up & new restaurant added. Lake scene including owner’s plane flying a sign: “Eat at Fallon’s” (advertising!), people enjoying lake activities & Peaks of Otter landmark mountains. On front: two trompe l”oeil style
Joe’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant – (HUGE-Entire Restaurant!) Gorgeous “Tuscan” Faux Finish, Trompe l’oeil Murals (including shelves, niches, windows, walkout scenes, etc.), 32 Marble Columns, Signs, etc. 14 days!
Ronald McDonald House – (Huge-Entire Basement & Laundry Room) 8’ x 14’ Roanoke Skyline, Sky Blue on all hallways & walls, Rooms off main living room area made to look like individual store fronts w/awnings, etc. 5 days (They paid for 2, we donated 3)
New York Pizza – (Entire Restaurant) 8’ x 50’ Every wall painted a cloudy evening sky with a New York City Skyline and a full moon (with iridescent paint!), Dedication to the Twin Towers, Statue of Liberty 2 Days
Bedford Chamber of Commerce – 5’ x 40’ Bedford County countryside with more than 50 points of interest (painted in detail from photos or “represented”) from Peaks of Otter to SML & neighboring cities.
Cup-A-Joe’s Coffee House Interior - Tuscan Faux Finish with a 6’ x 18’ mural of 3 huge arched “windows” overlooking a Tuscany, Italy vineyard scene with a trompe l’oeil sparrow and Chianti bottle on “ledge”. Exterior - 9’ x 15’ Murals on side of building in “alley” (and ground painted with terra cotta color) transforming the space into an outdoor “bistro” atmosphere. Tuscan countryside with a robin and one of their coffee mugs (to boost sales!) on a wrought-iron railing. One day each!
Smith Mountain Coffee and Cafe, SML – 6’x22’ Mural - Turn-of-the-Century Boardwalk Scene on the Jersey Shore with “Depression Era” Stained Glass Border to match lamps nearby. 3 Days
Runk & Pratt – Smith Mountain Lake Retirement Village 45,000 gorgeous square feet of Murals, Faux Finish, signs, etc. etc. etc.! Our showroom! Nearly every wall painted with a Thomas Kincaid-style village theme including awnings, foliage, accents, etc. A myriad of murals including 2 rooms 3 stories high and every inch painted including sky & clouds on the ceilings and a huge walk out mural “onto the patio” with the breath-taking Lake beyond! (30 days worth!)
Runk & Pratt Assisted Living Facility – Lynchburg Most walls painted with a village theme and lots of foliage. In both Dining Rooms – every wall painted with an outdoor feel (“Outdoor Cafe” & “Park Pavilion”). Nearly every resident’s room - door transformed into an individual “cottage” look with awning, door number, foliage, accents, etc. Kitchen & Nurses’ Stations enhanced, and lots of Directional Signs (20 days worth!)
Runk & Pratt Corporate Offices Absolutely fabulous Silver, Gold & Cream Faux Finish on 2-story focal wall along the Stairs opposite entrance (for a dramatic effect!). Gold metallic flakes added to basecoat silver for a subtle, glistening effect that changes as you move throughout the room… Also painted on focal wall in Receptionist’s Room and front Conference Room, and on every wall in the Stairwell, Entryway, and in the Main Conference Room. Gorgeous! 2 Days
Mexico Viejo Entire Restaurant - Gorgeous, aged Spanish-looking Faux Finish on every wall, with lavish, realistic-looking, red and pink bougainvilleas draping over Spanish tile painted on all bulkheads. 7’x12’ “Walkout” mural of Southwest scene in Banquet Room, 4’x12’ mural of Cowboy Encampment scene, depicting owner and his family, their horses, etc.
Westlake Library 5’x15’ “Window” with trompe l’oeil objects on the “window sill”, with over 40 vignettes of literary characters each representing a different genre of literature to encourage reading!! Below, a library “shelf” with over 70 books titled with every genre of literature we could think of!! (Lots of eye-fooling extras!)
Designs by Sheryl 7’x16’ trompe l’oeil mural on side of building to look like opening of “showroom” door. On each side, a life-size scene of one of their custom kitchens, and baths. One huge “wooden” sign “hanging” in the middle with their logo, info, etc. Wall continued from front including vinyl siding and stone work below.
Acquisition Title & Settlement Co. 6’x30’ mural to break up long hallway. “Window” overlooking the Lake with personal items on “windowsill”. Owner’s lakeside home depicted with her dock, boat, herself, her children and their children, her dog, and their watercraft/toys – all from photos.
Kara’s Closet Room in back for shoes painted to look like a hut with sign: “The Shoe Hut” and accents like planters with flowers, and the owner’s pets on their pillows with their toys, etc.

About Us

About Us
• Lisa started drawing & painting young, (commercially in 1979 at age 15) in the San Francisco Bay Area with Christmas window painting which led to McDonald’s that first year – 30 years ago!
• We paint signs on the windows of the McDonald’s & Wendy’s all over the SE USA – Murals & more (whatever they need) Painted over 350 Wendy’s in 22 states within 6 months! We are concentrated in North Carolina and surrounding states.
• We are a family business. Dale (Dad) & Jesse (16) do prep, fill-in painting and keep the job running smoothly. Lisa (Mom) & Julia (18) do the majority of the artwork.

What We Do
• Signs – Hand-lettered signs & window advertisements. We can duplicate any design or picture.
• Murals – $1500/day (Most murals are 1-3 days. We can do a lot in a day! Most surfaces, Trompe l’oeil effects
• Faux Finish – textures, columns, most surfaces, Trompe l’oeil effects
• Fine Art – Most subjects (from photo or live) All kinds of Mediums! Traditional or Modern
• Portraits – Most subjects, Most mediums (starting at $300/Painting, $100/Non-paint)

More to Come!

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